This BOOK is a very recent edition. It is a means for paying homage to numerous artists that were quite inspirational for me in their pursuits of expanding the definitions and boundaries of art. At times the artists are paired with another artist of importance, occasionally an artist is paired with an image of mine, or an image resourced from the internet. In most cases, I can identify and tag the images. However, it is not always possible. This is the case with creative window display work and billboards which are at times inspirational. Abstractly, the images overall pay homage to Lee Friedlander”s “Little Screens”. The evolutionary penetration and impact of “little screens” apparatus and digital sources has become immense since the initiation of his work sixty years ago.The following list of artist are important and most of them have images appearing in this book. For the few who do not appear, the search for an appropriate representative continues. Artists of inspiration: Bruce Nauman, Sophie Calle, Man Ray, Richard Dupont, Daniel Coburn, Marina Abramovic, Lee Friedlander, Gen Chochola, Frank Gehey, Barbara Kruger, Robert Frank, Rene Magritte, John Baldessarie, Robert Longo, Dennis Oppenheim, Cindy Sherman, Ann Hamilton, Robert Irwin, Edward Hopper, Louise Bourgeois, Alfredo Jaar, Marina Black, Adrian Piper, and Jasper Johns.