CCTV Surveillance Systems have been an integral part of my work since 1987. What captured my fascination in conceiving a self-portrait for the first time, was integrating one of my CCTV surveillance systems into the portrayal, incorporating images from my website; denisgillingwater.com, The portrait references studio processes frequently used in my work’s creation since 1987 and the possibility of viewers accessing the website while viewing the self-portrait itself. The context of expanding beyond the singularity of the portrait/object in a gallery setting, and interfacing it in the larger context of some of my life’s work, establishes an enlarged and immediate perspective for the viewers.  There are an ever increasing number of museums and galleries incorporating their own exhibitions into their websites for a larger exposure regarding viewership. It intrigued me to integrate this ideational aspect into a singular artwork. The portraits’ smaller CCTV monitor broadcast the framed “gallery type label” mounted below the studio situated image of me reading. The label is my handout card for my website. The larger CCTV monitors my eye. The work was curated into the Arizona Biennial 2020 at the Tucson Museum of Art. The piece was created during the Covid-19 pandemic when my usual photographic travels were curtailed and I remained home studio bound. I never envisioned creating a self-portrait until this time of confinement.