The images were created from 2019 to 2024. My own CCTV surveillance system is used for monitoring self made wall mounted collages. They address issues associated with surveillance technology and facial recognition patterning with an orientation towards the numerous political, racial and cultural disturbances occurring world wide. The collage’s segmented components, always edited from larger more encompassing images, were derived from a variety of internet sources and my own on-site imagery files. Surveillance imagery is often blurred, fractured, and/or loaded with “digital noise”. The work intentionally offers itself as an alternative to highly refined digital photography. They serve as metaphors regarding the instability and precariousness of the human condition no matter how “technologically advanced” we become. The incorporation of the CCTV monitors for “framing” the photographs is to heighten the socio-psychological presence of surveillance in our lives. Also, they allude to the preponderance of “screen time” that consumes our daily lives. The inclusion of the human eye(s) metaphorically references the point/plane of shifting currents/tensions between our sense of inner being/security and witnessing our exterior realms in such chaos and disarray at this time.