The approach in developing this book’s set of images was quite different than the other books created before the pandemic. During this time of Covid-19, I have confined myself solely to the home and studio. No more extensive travel for on-site photography has occurred. The resourcing for the collaged imagery processes were garnered from numerous sources besides my own pre-pandemic digital imagery files. The archival sources include; PBS, VICE, Frontline, public access websites, traffic and weather cams, iSpy and DVD’s. While some resourcing of this nature had occurred in the past, it has become quite pronounced with the Covid confinement. The first thirteen images represent some of the work produced in this period. The fourteenth image is how the final photographs are made and framed by me for exhibition. The four remaining images document how the ¬†photographic collages are created and, in turn, monitored by my own CCTV surveillance system as they are mounted on my studio wall. The system’s CCTV monitor(s) is placed inside a black box and photographed for final digital image processes. The monitor’s incorporation into the final photograph is to “frame” them as to referencing and heightening the ever-expanding socio-psychological presence of surveillance in our daily lives.