The images were accessed via internet apps on an iPad from international public access surveillance cameras. The iPad’s screen images were photographed in a black box and then downloaded into a MacBook Pro for finalization. Day time surveillance imagery can be dull and predictable, but night time imagery is chancy and makes for more evocative photography. Their quality and resolution are blurred and loaded with “digital noise”. I embrace these characteristics both visually and conceptually. For me, they reference some of the “unsophisticated” photographic processes associated with alternative and “krappy kamera” processes. The work intentionally runs counter to highly refined and cleansed digital photography. In my mind, the photographs serve as metaphors regarding the instability and precariousness of the human condition no matter how “technologically advanced” we become. From an inspirational and historical perspective, two key artists images are Edward Hopper’s “Night Passage” and Paul Strand’s “Wall Street”.

The image’s 3×4 format is printed at 3.3 x 4.4 inches on 8.5 x11 inch matte photo paper. The photographs are mounted in self-made silvered flat black 12 x 24 x .75 inch frames. (Refer to last image)