The image garnering processes/procedures for creating these photographs are the same as for the “SHADOWED” Book. However, though some of their visuals have similarities, their intent is for expressing the “visual materiality” of urban centers aligned with digital imaging processes that accentuate “urban noise”. They are not about the shadowy tracking of an individual(s) transversing late night urban confines. The work explores the gritty and/or glittery characteristics of traffic intersections as places of chaotic convergence within urban environs. The clashing contrast of numerous and varied light sources, varied depths of shadows, textural surfaces, street markings, vehicular and pedestrian traffic flows, weather conditions, etc make for expressing urban intensities. Their intent is not to address particular cities’ individual physical and psychic characteristics, but orienting these images towards the universality of living life in urban centers throughout the world.

The image’s 3×4 format is printed at 12 x 16 inches on 13 x 19 inch matte photo paper. The photographs are matted and framed in 21 x 25 x 1.20 inch flat black strip type shop made frames. (Refer to last image)